Wonder what Arowana is it?

Wonder what Arowana is it?1212I have been raring this Arowana for a month,龙鱼掉眼 any experience sifu here can tell me what type of arowana is this。 I bought in the shop it label as ";Golden Yellow Arowana"; i cant find any resource about this breed of arowana。Wonder what Arowana is it? 青岛水族批发市场 青岛龙鱼第1张Honestly wait till it is 10"; th、en u will know
No cert? Which farm? You will be able to call up the farm to check what breed is this。
hmmm。。。why need to wa;it 10"; can tell me more?
nope。。。i bought it from local fish shop。。。
?It” maybe a yellow tail but i maybe wrong
But the scale got abit golden。。。。
I did some google and found something like the lowest grade of golden arowana which is a cross between a golden and a green arowana
now soo small wad is there to see wait till its 6 inch n above
really too small to see any confirmation traits
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Wonder what Arowana is it? 青岛水族批发市场 青岛龙鱼第2张





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