evopure alkaline anti oxidant water filter system

evopure alkaline anti oxidant water filter systemevopure alkaline anti oxidant water filter systemWe are currently carrying out a 4-6Year residential project Island-Wide to create awareness on the need for a water filtration system for home usage。
In order to promote and create the need for water filter systems, we are sponsoring residents with a Free System including Free Installation。

The only need is for the maintenance and servicing of the system itself。 (Changing of filters and miscellaneous repair services)
Evopure Water filtration system is able to remove chlorine, sediments and provide antioxidant and alkaline effect for drinking water。
There has been an increasing need for water filter systems with the above menti,oned benefits due to the fact that chlorine is present in our water we drink, the lifestyle we lead and the oxidants we are exposed to。
If you are looking to install a water filter system in your home, please PM me for further enquiries and information。will do a water demo testing first
Thank you。
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evopure alkaline anti oxidant water filter system 青岛水族批发市场here are some common QA by residents!
1) Is the system really free? Do I need to pay anything?
Yes, the system is absolutely free including installation and a 4 year warranty coverage included。 The only thing you need to pay for is the maintenance of the filters。
2) where do I get the filters from?
You need not worry Where to get or when to change the filters。 We will inform you when you need to and make arrangements fo“r excha nging of new filters。 Our installation team will carry out the exchange for you。 The after sales service is what most people look for in purchasing a product or service。 We provide an attractive after sale service which caters to your requirements。
3) what is the frequency of changing of filters?
The freqency is once per year。 The filtration capability of each filter is 6000 liters。 For an average household of 5,魟鱼水肿 a set of filters can last you a year, based on the upper average household consumption of drinking water and water for washing of food stuffs。 You need not worry when to change the filters as our after sale service team will in form you of it。
4) where do your filters come from?
3 filters are ma”nufactured in korea
5) have any test been carried out?Yes。 Research tests have been carried out at SGS and ALS。 We are NSF And WQA certified safe for drinking。 Also our water quality meets all of WHO guideline。 We will also do a demostration to show you the effects of evopure filtered water。 As and when you doubt the effectiveness of the product after installation, a call away and we will carry out a water test to ensure you on the effectiveness。
6) why is the system and installation free?
We are carrying out a newly launched low-profit island-wide residential project to create awareness on the need for a home water filter system。 In order to? do so, we are making our system attractive for residents to take up the project。 Installation is free as we are carrying out mass installation projects by residential cluster。
7) what is the cost like?
I!t is only $1 a day for the whole 4 year period。 Cheaper than a cup of drink if you eat outside。 Moreover, y:ou can
prov“ide your whole family with anti oxidant, alkaline water。 The benefits strongly outweighs the cost。
average waiting time for appointments as of ! 2-3 days。If you have any other queries, please pm me or cal?l me 90991619
Thank you?〓








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